The Effect of Coronavirus on the Casino Industry

The spread of the Covid-19 virus has taken a toll on many lives and changed the lifestyles of everyone all over the world. What was unimaginable a few months ago, is now becoming the ‘new normal’. Many software companies slot singapore, small scale industries and other small business are forced to shut due to lack of labour and supply. Amongst thousands of industries, the gambling industry has also witnessed a sharp decline in its business. Firstly, many singapore online slot casino concerning the safety of their staff and customers had to shut, even before the announcement of lockdown in various countries.

Effect on casinos worldwide

casinos worldwide

The pandemic has set the entire world into another dimension that will take quite some time to recover. In the meanwhile, the effect caused by the casino industry is hazardous, and the industry is on doom. Many countries have cancelled the TV advertisements and other sports events supposed to be held at the casino venues. According to May 2020 reports from China, the industry has witnessed a sharp -100% decline in the lottery business. Many countries have banned gambling ads or adds from the casino industries’ to the customers to prevent problem gamblers from relapsing. The temporary shutdown of casinos has caused a significant effect on problem gamblers and professional gamblers as well, all over the world.

Increase in the popularity of online casinos

The words like “social distancing“, “isolation” and “stay home, stay safe“, have seeded fear in people’s mind which has forced them to stay indoors for almost three months now. A lot of casinos around the world took the necessary measure to protect the sanity of their customers and maintain social distancing; however, eventually, they were asked to shut down. Even Sin city has turned out to be an asleep city. While the land-based casinos are witnessing a sharp decline in their business, online casinos, on the contrary, are booming with business. Majority of online gamblers are subjected to boredom. The safe environment, trustworthy payment options and a comprehensive database and collection of games have hooked gambling lovers to the online casinos. Some online gambling sites took their marketing to the next level by allowing betting on Coronavirus, and some even called their games “corona-free“. As a result of the lockdown extension in various countries, thousands of gamblers are hooked to these online casinos, which are rapidly increasing their business, all over the world.

Customer Protection

Customer Protection

In times like these, when there is nothing much to do, all gambling lovers are seen on betting sites and other casino websites, playing in and out with their money. Hence, many of these websites have set betting limits and also introduced bonuses and other perks, in the best interest of the customers. As the COVID-19 pandemic is deepening in some countries, places like Las Vegas, considered as the Mecca for gambling and entertainment, have reopened their casinos and hotels, with utmost care and protection considered. Even though there are definite cases in almost all countries worldwide, the emphasis is laid on the mindset of the people to follow strict distancing and take utmost care and protection.

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